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As a developer, you benefit from working with a community of talented individuals from one of our co-work spaces where you have access to all the perks of a corporate office (private offices, super-fast internet, spacious common areas, free snacks and refreshments, on-site human resources)

Our hipster workspaces are designed with productivity in mind by leading architects and interior designers. Private offices with glass walls designed to maintain privacy without sacrificing a natural environment. Common spaces have a distinct design that will inspire your work and your team.

2Background Check: estimated time: 5 days

The second step in the screening process is a comprehensive background, language, personality, and intelligence review. This includes talking to your past clients and employers. Candidates must have a good command of the English language and pass screening tools used to understand your personality to identify passionate and driven individuals who are able to work in an agile and startup team environment, hands-on and fully committed in your work.

3Skill Review: estimated time: 3 days

The next step in the process, we check for your level of intelligence, problem-solving capabilities, and technical expertise using various methodologies. Different skill review tools are used depending on your skills and level of experience. Methodologies include reviewing your portfolio, checking your GitHub account and other proprietary screening techniques. At this stage we only accept candidates in the 90th percentile.

4Face-to-Face Meeting: estimated time: 2-3 hours

Candidates who have passed the first steps are then invited to an in-person interview at our offices where you will be screened by experts in your functional domain. Each interviewer will conduct specific exercises that cover core topics within your primary domain of expertise. We also look at creativity, problem-solving, depth of experience, and communication skills.

5Live Coding Test: estimated time: 1-2 hours

You will be assigned a test project to evaluate and confirm your skills and knowledge base. We use pair programming techniques to watch you code in real-time and follow your thought process. Test projects are based on real-world scenarios to understand your competence ad team interaction skills.


The total application takes approximately 10-12 business days depending on the number of applicants in any given period.