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Unlike traditional freelance websites which are primarily designed for short-term one-off projects, Intellabridge is a remote employee management platform designed to help you to build long-term teams for your business in a controlled environment.

Research shows that performance is higher when employees are working from dynamic professional co-working spaces. By bringing together remote employees in our co-working spaces, we provide the infrastructure to ensure you get the best possible benefits from your remote team.

Find a video editor, a designer or a developer dedicated to your company and working from our co-work locations around the world. Designed primarily for startup companies who are looking to build sustainable working relationships and long-term remote teams.

Employee Selection Process

1Background Check

The first step in the screening process is a comprehensive background, language, personality, and intelligence review. This includes talking to their past clients and employers. Candidates must have a good command of the English language and pass screening tools used to understand their personality to identify passionate and driven individuals who are able to work in an agile and startup team environment, hands-on and fully committed in their work.

2Skill Review

The next step in the process, we check for intelligence level, problem-solving capabilities, and technical expertise using various methodologies. Different skill review tools are used depending on their skills and level of experience. Methodologies include reviewing their portfolio, checking their GitHub account and custom screening platform. We only accept candidates in the 90th percentile.

3Face-to-Face Meeting

Candidates who have passed the first two steps are then invited to an in-person interview at our offices where they are screened by experts in their functional domain. Each interviewer will conduct specific exercises that cover core topics within the candidate’s primary domain of expertise. We also look at creativity, problem-solving, depth of experience, and communication skills.

4Live Coding Test

Each candidate is assigned a test project to evaluate and confirm their skills and knowledge base. We use pair programming techniques to watch candidates code in real-time and follow their thought process. Test projects are based on real-world scenarios for candidates to demonstrate their competence, team interaction skills, and integrity.


Everyone at Intellabridge is a dedicated team player with a proven track record and strong experience working in a startup company. Members of the team come from a variety of backgrounds including Applied Systems Analysis; Special Communication and Information Security; Mechanics and Machine-Building; Physics and Engineering as well as Aviation and Space, Applied Mathematics, Engineering & Physics, and Informatics and Computer Engineering.


Daniel Dubinin, Kiev

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I am Java Developer with experience in commercial software development. My passion is to write good quality and elegant code. I like solving complex problems and I am a fast-learner. I would describe ... Click to continue

Sergey Vygovsky, Kiev

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I am efficient and dedicated. My life depends on my reputation so I do whatever I can to maintain the highest standards. I don’t rest until every line of code and every task meets the deadline. Sleep ... Click to continue

Ruby on Rails
Iaroslava Rizova, Kiev

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I like to make things beautiful and simple for people. When I work on the project I take into account all the details, see the difference in colors and sizes, pay attention not only to user interface... Click to continue

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Experience Design