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About Us

Intellabridge specializes in remote employees for startup companies. As a startup company don't lose valuable time searching freelance marketplaces. We are here to help.

While there are many online platforms where you can find remote developers, Intellabridge provides you with specialists who have the tested experience to give with what you need when you need it, without wasting your time on human resources so you can focus on your business.

Remote employees gives startups the advantage required to grow. We do not replace traditional in-house teams, but instead provide remote specialists who can fill the specific requirements of a startup company.

Be flexible and adapt in a competitive market

Remote employees for Startups.

Intellabridge offers a unique service by providing your startup with high quality professional employees at competitive costs. We do this by arbitraging the inefficiencies of the global human capital marketplace. Your remote employees are 100% fully dedicated to your company just as any other employee.

Quality and price are the most valuable determinants for choosing Intellabridge. We handle all the administrative side of employment and provide office space for your employees in our offshore locations where our human resources manager ensures productive development. We also make sure that each member of your remote team has the highest level of expertise and meets your requirements.

We currently have remote specialists in mobile app development, UI/UX design, API development and a wide range of other programming development skills. We also have architects, marketing, finance, and engineering specialists as well as a video production team able to produce promotional advertising.

You have full control over your project development and team management.

Based on your needs we propose a dedicated team or individual specialist who is 100% concentrated on your project. The team or individual become a part of your company, and while they work remotely their productivity is just as good as an in-house employee. This model is very good for long term projects and especially for startups, which are cost conscious and who lack the time to identify intelligent resources.

The Pricing model is simple and transparent

You pay an hourly rate for each team member based on their level of expertise. You define your budget and Intellabridge defines the team. You are in charge of the workflow and we provide you with time and process management tracking tools to ensure superior quality results.

Outsourcing VS Outstaffing

Outstaffing is a relatively new term and is often confused with outsourcing. While both involve remote work, the main difference is that OUTSOURCING hands over the whole project to a third party to develop, whereas OUTSTAFFING involves hiring a dedicated employee(s) to work on a project managed by you the business owner.

This is where it gets interesting for startups, engineers, developers or designers who have an idea to build an online store, mobile app or software platform and want to have full control over their team. By using an outstaffing company like us, you have complete control over the process at half the cost.

What Is Outstaffing?

The cost effective solution for hiring remote employees.

Outstaffing is much less talked about, but is a more cost effective way to get your project done because your business hires the outstaffer's employees, who continue working at their regular workplace, but basically 'change' their employer. They work on the tasks that you give and manage directly. Since we don’t manage the day to day tasks of your remote employee, we can lower costs and provide you with a better hourly rate. You get the benefit of a remote employee without the headache of the selection and vetting process, HR management and employee contracting.. all the back office stuff that is a bore and takes time away from your core business. Our employees go through a selection process so that you are guaranteed to get top talent. If you are unsatisfied with the work, we will either find you an alternative employee or refund you your first monthly payment.

Our services

Web Development

Our team includes web and graphic designers, HTML and JavaScript developers, back-end and full stack engineers, as well as e-commerce specialists.

UI/UX Design

In a rapidly changing market, Intellabridge selects only the most skilled designers on the cutting edge of UI/UX design to provide you with the market impact you need for your product.

Mobile Development

We have specialists in mobile app development, android app developers, iOS developers, iPhone app developers and objective-C developers.


In order to make sure that your product achieves the highest quality, we will provide you with a full range of software testing service.

Ongoing Tech Support

For your business functioning smoothly and clients being always satisfied, Intellabridge will take care of all your every-day operations.

Cloud Computing

We will maintain full back-end and IT infrastructure of your business that expresses into cost and hassle reduction for you.


If you are an owner of a shop we will assist you throughout the development of your company, whether you need a new API or changing the configuration of your site.

Wearable Tech

Our engineers have many years of experience working with wearable technologies, and their knowledge will serve as a strong foundation for the success of your product.

Bridge your idea to reality

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We work with startup companies in various sectors including

fintech, mobile communication and apps,

e-commerce, wearables and IoT.

"As the founder of a fintech startup in New York, we spent a ton of time trying to put together a development team using various freelance marketplaces. Eight months and dozens of developers later, we finally built a team in Eastern Europe, but by then the competition was on our heels. I wish Intellabridge had been around sooner."